Why Do Pans Get Brown On The Bottom?

By | February 9, 2024

Why do pans get brown on the bottom?

  1. During cooking, oil, fat, and food particles accumulate at the bottom of the pan due to stirring, flipping food, or movement of the pan.
  2. This movement can cause heated oil to drip or run down the sides of the pan, eventually accumulating at the bottom.
  3. Some oils may evaporate when exposed to high heat, condensing and leaving behind an oily residue on the cooler bottom of the pan.
  4. Despite cleaning, residues often persist on the pan’s bottom surface.
  5. Over time, with repeated heating, these residues undergo polymerization, forming a hardened, brown, sometimes sticky layer.
  6. This layer can be challenging to remove.
  7. Additionally, cooking oils, fats, and food particles can undergo carbonization when exposed to high heat.
  8. The burning of these substances creates carbon residues that adhere to the pan’s surface, leading to discoloration.
  9. This discoloration can contribute to the formation of the brown layer over time.
  10. Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent excessive residue buildup and maintain the pan’s performance.

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