About Smallmastery

Hi everyone, welcome to the smallmastery website. This website is about learning small things around us, discovering the beauty of those small matters, and finding the hidden happiness.

So what are those small things for learning?

In our life, most of the time we are doing the same things with the same pattern, repeated over and over again, and form a habit.

Because we are focusing on the same things, many other things that we think are small are most likely to be neglected.

Today the world is rich with information, media companies incline to supply news, information, data, that favor some parties. We are living in a world that is bombarded with “big things” and making us miss those small things that may bring happiness to us.

The small things that bring happiness to us lie inside every aspect of our life. It could be how to peel the egg shell of a hard boiled egg in one piece, how to clean coffee stains from the mug, how to do rock balancing, and any kind of thing that you may don’t really learn and neglect it often.

I hope this Smallmastery website is able to bring you happiness, lead you to discover more small things and give you a new perspective to see the world and also have some new insight.


All the best,


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