How Long Can You Leave Water In A Kettle?

After the water has boiled, immediately pour it out until the kettle is emptied. It is not recommended to let the water sit inside the kettle for an extended period. Leaving water in the kettle could result in three issues: a) Mineral buildup, which shortens the lifespan of the kettle. b) Compromised taste due to… Read More »

What Does It Feel Like When A Plane Is Struck By Lightning?

When flying, you might see a flash across the plane’s window and hear a loud bang, but most likely you won’t even realize a lightning strike has occurred. This is because airplanes are designed with your safety in mind. They act as giant Faraday cages, protecting you from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. Lightning… Read More »

Does Leaving Your PC On Raise Your Electric Bill?

Leaving your PC on can indeed increase your electric bill. However, the extent to which it raises the bill depends on various factors. These factors include the components of the PC, your usage patterns, the software and operating system running on the PC, the power management settings you have configured, and the electricity rates in… Read More »

How Long Does Durian Last Unopened?

How long unopened durian can last is heavily influenced by the harvesting method employed. Refer to below:   Fresh Durian                   When harvesting fresh durian, it is to wait until it reaches about 70-80% ripeness before cutting it from the tree. Once harvested, the shelf life can… Read More »

How Does AC Fan Speed Affect Cooling: Best Fan Speed For AC Cooling

Choosing the right air conditioner fan speed can significantly impact cooling performance, comfort, and energy efficiency. This guide explores how different fan speeds affect cooling, dehumidification, noise, and offers tips for optimizing your experience.   Faster fan speed: Cools the Room Faster: Higher fan speeds facilitate quicker air circulation, enabling the room to reach the… Read More »

Is It Safe To Leave A Laptop In A Hotel Room?

I’m not really comfortable leaving my laptop in a hotel room, even if it’s a fancy hotel where people say there’s hardly any crime. There’s still a chance something could happen. You see, if I lost my laptop, it wouldn’t just be about buying a new one. Especially when I’m on a work trip, my… Read More »

How Long Can A Ceiling Fan Run Continuously?

I once experienced the situation of forgetting to turn off the ceiling fan in my dining room before leaving for a three-day trip. Surprisingly, upon returning home, I found the fan still running smoothly. In general, running a ceiling fan throughout the day is considered safe, provided it is installed correctly, maintained well, and operated… Read More »