Why is my pan smoking with nothing in it?

Cooking with a pan is an essential part of any kitchen. However, sometimes, you may encounter an issue where your pan smokes even when there is nothing in it. You may wonder if the smoke is harmful to your health and what could be causing the pan to smoke. In the following, we will explore… Read More »

How to not burn cooking oil in a pan?

Cooking oil is essential for processes like frying, searing, sauteing, and grilling. There is a risk when using cooking in a pan, that is cooking oil burning. Cooking oil burning not only creates a fire hazard in the kitchen and home, it also releases harmful smoke and chemicals that can be hazardous to your health.… Read More »

Why does cooking oil burn on stainless steel pan.

Stainless steel pan is a popular choice as a cooking pan because of its durability, non-toxic, good conductivity, easy to clean (if no food sticking), light weight, polished and shining. Normally people use stainless steel pan for frying, sautéing, and searing, with cooking oil as a common ingredient. But when using a stainless steel pan,… Read More »

How to prevent fond from burning?

When you are searing or sautéing food with a pan, you may find some black color bits in the pan. That is burning fond, which originally is browned bits or brown residue of food left on the bottom of the pan. While the fond is still in brown color, it can be made as a… Read More »

Why do eggs bubble when frying? (crispy brown egg)

Frying egg, a simple cooking way of preparing egg dishes. Some people prefer fried egg with runny yolk, smooth egg white surface, and when eating it feels soft. But some people prefer a fried egg with a crispy texture, looks a bit brown, fluffy, and feels a bit crunchy when eating it. It is upon… Read More »