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How to keep fried rice from sticking to pan

Fried rice is a dish which is popular in east Asian, southeast Asean, and south Asian. It is prepared by stir fry the rice with other ingredients like egg, meat, vegetable, corn, and garlic, in the pan. When preparing fried rice, there is a common problem that is always faced by a lot of people.The… Read More »

Why does fried rice stick to pan (or wok)

Everyone who fry rice may face a common problem which is that fried rice sticks to the pan. Regardless of cast iron pan, carbon steel pan, stainless steel pan, or Teflon non stick pan, all these are facing the fried rice sticking problem. So actually what is the science behind the food sticking to the… Read More »

Can you cook rice in a nonstick pan?

Normally a rice cooker is used to cook rice. What if one day the rice cooker suddenly breaks down and doesn’t have a spare rice cooker for use? Maybe you have to think of a solution before you get a new rice cooker for you. Let’s say you only have a nonstick pan in the… Read More »