How To Drain Water From Rice

When you are cooking rice, drain water from rice is a necessary process, unless you are cooking porridge. Regardless of whether you are draining rice before cooking or after cooking. Some people could do it perfectly without wasting a single particle of rice. On the other hand, some people experience headaches when it comes to… Read More »

What To Do If You Overheat A Teflon Pan

Teflon pan has been a concern of people who use it to cook food. People are worrying that the non-stick coating will be toxic to them. When a Teflon pan is heated above a certain temperature (overheat) it will start to break down and form toxic gas. Here I am going to talk about how… Read More »

Can I open my rice cooker while cooking

If you are using a rice cooker, it may happen that you open the rice cooker lid. The reasons you open the rice cooker may be to check if the rice is cooked or not, to add in some ingredients into the rice, or else. But should we open the rice cooker while cooking? Here… Read More »