How to stop fried eggs from bubbling (perfect soft fried egg).

By | December 23, 2022

Are you annoyed with the bubbles coming out from the egg when frying and hate the popping sound?

Or do you prefer fried eggs with a smooth surface, runny yolk, with a soft texture when eating but keep failing to make it?

Don’t be disappointed, here I am going to discuss how to stop fried eggs from bubbling and prepare a soft and airy fried egg.

Hope this method is able to help you solve your problem.


How to stop fried eggs from bubbling?

Use a low to medium heat temperature to fry the egg. Keep at the lowest temperature which is able to control the water inside the egg evaporates slowly before egg white protein completely solidifies. When the egg protein completely solidifies, the water is trapped inside the egg and forming a gel, which makes a soft and smooth surface fried egg.


High heat causes fried eggs to bubble.

High heat causes fried eggs to bubble.

Bubbles start forming on egg white when frying eggs with high heat

This is because when the water inside the egg evaporates faster than the egg white protein solidifies.

The water inside the egg turns into vapor steam and rises up when heated.

The egg white on top of water gives resistance to the vapor steam and causes formation of bubbles.

But bubbles only form when the egg white protein on top is still liquid and able to deform.


Kee the frying temperature low and cook for a longer time.

Kee the frying temperature low and cook for a longer time.

To stop fried eggs from bubbling, one thing is to ensure the water inside the egg evaporates slower than the egg white protein solidifies.

Controlling the temperature and time is the key to fry an egg without bubbles, in the end produce a soft fried egg with a smooth surface.

The key is to control temperature at low and take longer time to fry the egg.

Egg white protein solidifies at a temperature range between 140º F and 149º F, and egg yolk solidifies between 149º F and 158º F.

Egg white behaves differently from egg yolk, bubbles arise from egg white but not from egg yolk, and egg white is more sensitive with heat compared to egg yolk.

When frying an egg with high heat, the water inside the egg will rapidly evaporate, causing bubbles forming on egg white, and also the egg protein shrinking and becoming denser and tough.

Giving high heat to egg protein immediately forces all the folded long chain protein molecules to denature and unfold, after that long chain protein molecules interact with each other to form a strong network.

Under high heat the produced fried egg is crispy, crunchy and firm texture, and with air pockets throughout.

But when frying eggs with low heat, the water evaporates at a slower rate, which gives time to the egg protein to denature (unfold), developing a network to trap the water inside the egg and forming a gel.

By maintaining a low temperature which is just enough for egg protein to denature (unfold) and solidify, at the sametime at a temperature which is not hot enough to immediately evaporate the water into steam vapor.

Frying eggs with low temperature produces soft and tender fried eggs, with a smooth surface without any air pocket which is left by bubbles.


Steps for frying egg without bubbles:

How to stop fried eggs from bubbling.

a) Recommend to use a non-stick pan.

b) Put oil into the pan which is large enough for an egg, make sure the cooking oil covers the entire bottom surface of the pan.

c) Set the heat at a low to medium setting.

d) Take the egg out from the refrigerator and let the egg by at room temperature for about 15 minutes.

e) Crack the egg and slowly drop into the pan.

f) Let the low to medium heat slowly cook the egg. you can see the egg white slowly change color from clear to white.

g) If the egg edges start to have small bubbles, lift up the pan to cool down because heat is high. Always remember, keep  the frying temperature low.

h) After the egg white completely turns white, flip it to the other side.

i) Check the egg, is it ready to move out to serve, is it able to slide on the pan? If yes, do so. Don’t break the yolk the most important.



A good quality non-stick pan, low temperature, and longer time needed for preparing a fried egg without bubbles.

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