Do you really need a rice cooker ?(7 reasons worth you to buy it)

By | December 16, 2021

Rice is a staple food for more than half of the world population, about 3.5 billions people.

Rice originates from Asia in the old time, and now spread to various family tables world wide.

To cook rice, you can use a rice cooker or without it.

Some people think a rice cooker is essential and some may think a rice cooker is not worth buying and space occupied.

For me, a rice cooker is a must for the reasons below. I hope the points below are able to help you to decide whether to buy or not.

Do you really need a rice cooker ?

You definitely need a rice cooker if you cook rice everyday. A rice cooker simplifies the rice cooking process. The rice cookers are not just for cooking rice, some can be used for porridge, soup, and cake. You can use the rice cooker and at the same time do other tasks safely. Rice cookers are also cheap and you can own one with about USD 20. Some rice cookers even have a programmable feature where you can determine when your rice cooker should start to cook. A rice cooker could ensure you cook a fluffy rice each time.


If you eat rice everyday, go get one!

It is ok not to own a rice cooker if you don’t eat rice or totally hate rice.

But if you love to eat rice, probably two to three times per week, or you must eat rice on a daily basis, then a rice cooker is worth the investment.

A rice cooker will bring you convenience and save you a lot of time.

Rice cookers don’t cost you much and don’t really occupy a big space in your kitchen.

You don’t need a rice cooker to cook rice, but owning a rice cooker can give you more than that.


A rice cooker simplifies the process of cooking rice.

You can cook rice with a stove top and a pot.

But a rice cooker can help you to simplify the process.

Instead of soaking the rice, high fire to boil the content until a large amount of water vapor comes out, slow down the fire to medium to avoid overspill, keep watching the pot for 12 to 15 minutes until the water is gone, all you have to do is get a rice cooker.

So a rice cooker can help you to eliminate those time consuming processes.

With a rice cooker, what you need to do is put the rice in, put in the water, close the rice cooker with lid, press the button to turn on, and after 30 minutes the rice will be ready to serve.

The rice cooker also can help you to keep the rice warm after the cooking is completed, you don’t need to worry the cooked rice will get burned.

And you don’t need to keep watching the rice cooker during the cooking process, this brings you a great convenience and you don’t need to worry the rice will be overcooked.


Rice cookers do not only make rice.

Today, some rice cookers are not only for rice cooking.

For the one rice cooker with basic function, it is just for cooking rice, and after that comes a warming function.

There are other rice cooker models that have several cooking modes, for preparing porridge, soup, baking cake, and steaming.


A rice cooker enables you to multi-task safely.

Safety is one of the good features of a rice cooker.

When you are cooking rice with stove top and pot, you are required to keep monitoring the pot status.

When to keep high temperature, when to set it to low temperature, and when to turn off the stove.

If the pot remains at high temperature, the rice will spill out from the pot.

If you forget to turn off the stove, the rice will get burnt and turn to black colour.

The worst may be that it will cause a fire hazard to the kitchen.

With this rice cooker, you can perform multitasking at home.

While you are taking care of your child, or working from home, you can use a rice cooker at the same time.

Just put water and rice into the rice cooker, just press one button, and leave it, then you can do other tasks.

The rice won’t get burnt inside the rice cooker as it will provide a warming function onto the rice.


Rice cookers are cheap.

A rice cooker is cheap.

You can get a basic functioning rice cooker with just USD 20 to 30.

A multi-purpose rice cooker price may go up to USD100 – 200.

So it is actually not expensive and affordable for most people.

Instead of saving money by using stove top and pot, why not invest in a rice cooker to save your time and bring you conveneince.

If you don’t use a rice cooker, you probably have to spend one hour monitoring the rice cooked in a pot on the stove top.


A programmable rice cooker allows you to set time for cooking rice later.

Rice cookers with basic functions (cheaper price) only cook rice and keep it warm.

Some rice cookers are programmable and more expensive.

The programmable rice cooker can let you decide when the cooking should start and keep the rice warm.
With this programmable rice cooker, you no longer need to cook the rice in the early morning and keep it warm for 8 hours before taking dinner.

Without a programmable rice cooker, you probably need to rush from the office to home and cook the rice in a hurry.

Get a programmable rice cooker to provide you a relaxed and organized lifestyle.


You can cook fluffy rice perfectly every time

With a rice cooker, you can cook perfect fluffy rice every time, by just loading the rice with the correct ratio of water and pressing the on button.

Without a rice cooker, you have to regulate stove temperature, set timer, and keep your eye on the cooking pot. And still the cooked rice may be mushy and slimy, not meet the standard of fluffy rice. Failing to set the temperature with correct timing will cause the rice to fail.



If you don’t eat rice, buying a rice cooker is just like adding space eating junk in your kitchen.

If you love rice and love cooking, a rice cooker should be part of your kitchen.

Rice cookers are cheap, safe, assist you in multi-tasking, not only cook rice but cook soup, porridge, and cake.

So you won’t regret getting one.

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