How Often Should I Change My Phone Case (how long do phone cases last)

By | July 11, 2022

A phone case can provide protection when it is dropping down from your hand, to prevent the phone cracking or any kind of damage.

No matter how well you are at taking care of your phone from dropping to the floor, there might be a moment when the phone suddenly slips from your palm and falls to the floor.

The plastic or silicone material of the phone case has the ability to absorb the impact force when the phone drops down to a hard surface. This actually lowers the chance of iphone damage after dropping.

Getting a case for your phone is just like buying insurance for it, especially for careless people who always drop things.

The only bad thing about a phone case is it will hide the aesthetic view of the phone design.

So the problem is how often should you change your iPhone case?

Let’s discuss it here.


How Often Should I Change My Phone Case

Basically plastic or silicone material phone cases are very durable and last for life time. You can continue to use the phone case as long as it is still in good condition, clean, and fitted with your phone. But you may change the phone case when it is loosen, turn yellowish, color & graphic faded, and build up with dirt.


How long do phone cases last

Normally the materials of the phone case are plastic (Thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate, or mixture of both.), silicone, or rubber.

Those materials are very durable, most probably they will last a lifetime.

But that could be a problem to our environment as the phone cases could be non-biodegradable rubbish when you get a new phone case.

If being environmentally friendly is part of your concern, maybe you should get a phone case which is made of biodegradable or recycled material.

Below are my points of view of when to change a new phone case for yourself.


When the phone case getting loose.

After some time of using, the phone case can stretch or wear out over time.

Especially silicone made phone cases, which become loose after years of use.

When the phone case loosens, this will lower down its protective function and also affect the good appearance of your phone.


When the phone case color turns yellow.

When the phone case becomes yellowish, it is time to change to a new one.

Why do phone cases turn to yellow color?

This normally happens on silicone made with clear color phone cases.

Silicone is made with polymers which hold together with various chemical bonds.

When the silicone made phone case is exposed to the sunlight, it will break the chemical bonds between the silicone polymers, and form more short chain polymers.

The chemical reaction caused by the sunlight makes the silicone phone turn from clear to yellow color.

The heat and chemical also causes the silicone phone case to become yellowish.

The heat could be from the sunlight, your hand palm when gripping your phone, or in your warm pocket.

The chemical attack could be from the sweat or oil from your skin.

When a silicone transparent phone case turns yellowish, it is time to change a new phone case for yourself.

It is very difficult to clean a yellowish phone case, don’t waste your time, and get a new one as it is cheap.


When phone case color and design graphic faded.

Some phone cases are designed with colorful graphics on their surface.

After years of use, the graphic and the color will start to fade away.

Some graphics even have scratches on it.

When the phone case starts looking not fine, it is time to change a new one for you.

A faded and old phone case will make you not confident with yourself and show a bad image to other people.

When dirt starts to build up and is unable to be clean.

When dirt starts to build up on the phone case, it is time to dump it and get a new one.

Do you know how dirty your phone is?

Everyday we hold phones for hours, when sitting on the sofa, sitting on the toilet bowl, go jogging, eating, and etc.

The sweat & oil from our hand will land on the phone case.

When the phone is put somewhere (example in the toilet), dust, dirt, debris, soil, bacteria may stick to the phone case.

One day you may find out you can’t clean off the dirt on the phone case, it is time to get a new one.

Regularly changing a new phone case for yourself is also a good hygienic practice.


When a phone case has been used for a long time.

When you are using the same phone case for half or one year, the phone case is still in good condition, why not get a new one for yourself?

Why still need to spend money to buy a new one while the old one is still in good condition?

We spend a few hours per day with our phone (check your own record to see how long you spend per day with the phone).

A phone case is a fashion accessory for a phone, just like a cloth, shoe, and bag that you wear.

Keep changing new design phone cases could make your phone stand out.

New phone cases bring you freshness and keeping the same old phone case for years makes you bored.

A new design phone case also could boost your creativity, when you are stuck up for new ideas for your projects or anything, it is time to change to a new phone case.

There are millions of phone cases available in the market, with different kinds of themes, color, icons, cartoons, graphics, for you to choose.

You can customize your own phone case as well!


Final Thought

It is totally up to you how often you want to change phone cases.

As long as the phone case is still in good condition, which I discussed above, you may keep it for years.

You may choose to change a new phone case for yourself every month, as the price is not expensive to get a new one.

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