Can You Boil An Egg Without The Shell?

By | November 28, 2021

Boiled egg is an excellent food enriched with protein.

People who want a healthy lifestyle or build body muscle would choose boiled egg as a daily food.

When preparing a boiled egg with shell, you have to spend some effort to peel the egg shell.

Sometimes you may be faced with a stubborn boiled egg which egg whites bond strongly to the inner shell’s membrane.

Peeling a stubborn boiled egg is also time consuming.

So is it possible to boil eggs without a shell?

Yes, you can boil eggs without the shell.

Here I am sharing some methods to boil the eggs without shell, I hope you can find them useful.


Can You Boil An Egg Without The Shell?

You can boil an egg without the shell by:
i) egglettes (egg shaped container),
ii) poaching egg in hot water,
iii) crack the egg inside the tomato and boil,
iv) crack the egg inside a heat proof bowl and boil


Use egglettes

You can use egglettes to boil the eggs without a shell.

Egglettes is a silicone and non-stick pod, it is an egg shaped container.

How to use it?

Open the egglettes lid, crack the egg and pour into the egglettes cooking cup, close it and boil.

For an easy to clean purpose, spray cooking spray or apply butter into the cup before pouring the egg.

After egglettes boiled for about 15 minutes, take it out with tongs from the boiled water, place it into cool water to cool off, remove the lid and pop out the egg easily.

Some people say you need to coat the cup with oil or butter to pop out the egg easily.

The designed shape of the egglettes allow the eggs to cook just like in the shell.

With egglettes, you could prepare soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, egg benedict’s and more.


Poaching the egg

Another way of boiling an egg without the shell is poaching the egg.

It is a way to cook the egg without a shell in boiling water.

The steps to poach an egg are very simple.

First boil the water in a pot (or pan also can), about 2 inches high of water.

Add a little bit of vinegar into the water, to keep the egg white spreading thin.

Then crack the egg into a bowl, do it carefully to avoid the egg yolk break.

Choose a fresh egg as it is more firm and good for preparing a perfect poached egg.

After that, slip the egg into the boiling water and cover the pot with a lid.

Turn off the heat as low temperature will keep the egg white firm and egg yolk runny.

Cook the egg for 4 minutes, then gently scoop it out from the pot and serve it on a plate, and you shall enjoy the poached egg.


Food used as a container for eggs

Another way is to find another food used as a container for eggs.

For example, you could use a tomato, slide it into half, remove its seed, make the tomato like a bowl shape.

Then crack the egg into the bowl shaped tomato, then put it into the water and boil it.

This method of cooking not only lets you enjoy the boiled egg, you also can enjoy the tomato food.

Not only tomato, you could choose red or green pepper, or any food that can be made bowl shaped.


Using a heatproof bowl

Another more simple way of cooking eggs without shells is using a heatproof bowl.

A heatproof bowl is made of material like stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, copper, and etc. It can not be affected by heat.

First grease the heatproof bowl and crack the egg into it.

Then put the bowl into a pot filled with water, just make sure the pot’s water level doesn’t exceed the bowl.

Cover the pot and heat the pot with medium heat.

Within 5 minutes, the hard boiled egg is ready to serve.

For easy cleaning purposes, always make sure the bowl is perfectly greased with oil, forgetting to do so will cost you a huge effort to clean the bowl.


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